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Defending Champions fall from 1st place after 2 Consecutive Losses

This week two of the top teams in the league faced each other to battle for first place seeding. It was a must see game between ABC and Terra Branca. The last time these two teams met, it was a 5-point deficit in favor of ABC who won 62-57. Keep in mind the Pitbulls were missing their best players Shane Coleman and Kwame Lee. The defending Champions were short handed this game.  It was noticeable that ABC players were tired. They lost a 10-point lead late in the second half and ended up losing the game 57-51. Elio Nunes...

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Mid-Season point for the 2018 ACVB Season

Week seven of 2018 ACVB league tipped off with intense match ups that shook the standings. The league has reached the mid-season mark with competition only getting better. From this point on every game played will be critical for playoff seeding. Several teams made adjustments by adding new players to their rosters. Perhaps the most intriguing addition was Bairro’s center – Joao ‘Bidion’ Gomes who joined ABC during week 6. This move caused great criticism on the board’s decision for allowing the change to occur. The decision made some of Bairro’s players irate and some questioned the commissioner after the...

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ACVB Week 3 Summary

The third week of regular season for ACVB has proven to be another round of great performances by talented players and challenging matchups for a number of teams. Game summaries below: Volcanic  vs. 7 Stars: Avery Cardoza of the Volcanics led the way in their matchup against 7 Stars by pouring in 26 points to go along with his 3 assists in their 66 to 44 victory. Volcanics have a reinforced roster this season, whose talent is evident. Roger Livramento (VOL) also added 16 points and 6 assists to help carry them to victory over Seven. Avery Cardoza, VOL...

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Clube Desportivo ABC: 2017 ACVB Champions!!

The two most prominent teams Clube Desportivo ABC and Predio played in the finals, a highly anticipated game internationally. Before the start of regular season, ABC was said to be frail, old, and slow, while Predio was seen as a dysfunctional team. Both teams made definitive adjustments and added size to lead them to the finals. Despite losing their best defender, John Varela, to a season ending injury, ABC did not panic. Instead it gave them more incentive to work harder and demand more from their remaining players like Yannick Paiva, the playoffs and finals M.V.P.. Paiva finished this...

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ACVB Playoffs Round 2: Showing Up!

What’s worse, not physically showing up for a decisive game or not delivering when you are counted on the most? This is exactly what Lenfer and Campana Lança asked themselves after being eliminated from playoffs this past weekend. ABC played Campana and Predio played Lenfer. Both teams played without key players, Campana without Ivan Britto, 16.9 PPG, and Lenfer missing Clayton Timas, 17.8 PPG, as well as Lerne Depina, 13.8 PPG. Anthony Vicente of Campana was the X-Factor in the game against ABC, but ABC limited him to 2-pts, 9% in FG and no 3-points made (0-8). Vicente struggled...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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