Author: Adam Cheung

More than Basketball

I sat down with Tino Brazao, founder of Associação Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol or ACVB, a brand-new Cape Verdean Basketball league as he cut out emblems with some volunteer members of the community, who helped press shirts and Jerseys for an upcoming event. “It’s more than just basketball.” Tino said, “I wanted to teach about the culture and give back to the community…. and actually, I was inspired more by the idea of what Karate does, using sports to teach different life skills to the youth.” “It would have been good for us to put their names on the...

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The Center of the Map and the Beginning of the New World

I had the opportunity to interview Marcelino Bala, author of “The Importance of Cabo Verde in a Global Context” and a researcher of Cape Verdean history. Some of his amazing discoveries were printed in “Somos Primos” in October 2015, a publication focusing on Hispanic Heritage. Many Cape Verdeans have told me (or corrected me as a child) that they are not Hispanic or may even become downright offended by being assumed to be something that they are not. However the academic arguments become complicated and also fascinating. You see, as Bala tells, it, Cape Verdeans were the first Hispanics...

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A Farewell To Rudy Santos: By Ed Andrade

Rudy Santos was my best friend. Like his father, Tony, who was a very popular figure in New Bedford, Massachusetts when I was a youngster. However, Rudy took it well beyond. Although, he never obtained a high political office which was his natural calling. Like a Lincoln type politician, he showed great upward mobility in that he did rise much higher than from where he started – in the brick yard, the extremely poverty stricken neighborhood, in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Rudy began his natural leadership as a young adult in the development of the Cape Verdean Association of Brockton,...

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An American city, a Brazilian city, and the Italian that brings them together.

  A businessman, author, entrepreneur and an intellectual…but also a romantic, an idealist, a poet, and a man with vision, Riccardo Giovanni has been working for the last decade or so on bringing together the best qualities of two cities that he loves, Boston and Rio de Janeiro. These are not two cities that you often read about in the same sentence. Though with the Olympic bid of one, the hosting of the event in the other and the rapid change of both, going forward there may be fine-tooth combing through of the traits and personalities of both cities....

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Mistaken for Muslim, Boston’s Bloodlust

A Cape Verdean friend of mine was out having a good time in Boston down by the Causeway. He went to a bar near Government Center with a cousin who happens to be a professional gamer. It was 90% white people. “I was a little uncomfortable but I wasn’t going to let it bother me.” My friend is tall thin, and looks like he could pass for North African, Egyptian, middle Eastern…. But like I said, he is Cape Verdean. Then later on he heard a voice behind him. “Oh you guys are real tough guys in there huh?”...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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