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ACVB Announces Humanitarian Mission to Cabo Verde

In May 2017, A.C.V.B was invited to take part in a tournament in São Vicente and São Antao, Cabo Verde. This trip included humanitarian work with the two islands to coordinate basketball clinics, provide donations, and community service work, primarily, to focus on rebuilding basketball courts and providing donations. 10 players were sent to represent AC.V.B in this humanitarian trip. The goal is for A.C.V.B to participate in these types of projects annually providing support to different islands in Cabo Verde, Portugal, Angola, etc. The hope is that this initiative will motivate other Cape Verdean basketball players and organizations...

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Evandro Carvalho – Youth Basketball Tournament

Evandro Carvalho, Massachusetts State Representative, coordinated a basketball tournament at Ronan Park in Dorchester. The teams were made of community organizations and clubs from different areas. Evandro is looking to make positive impact on interactions between youths aged 11-15 in a critical time of growth in their...

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ACVB: International Project 2017 – GoFundMe

CLICK HERE TO DONATE Donations will contribute to basketball equipment and supplies to be donated to clubs and those in need in Cabo Verde, and also will assist with coordinating youth engagement clinics through basketball. ACVB is a community basketball league, currently based in Boston, that is in its infancy. The league actually began in 2016 holding its first tournaments and pre-season exhibition games that summer. The original idea was to unite Cape Verdean fathers/parents who currently reside here in the US and currently play basketball or were basketball players in Cabo Verde, United States (US), Angola or Portugal....

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RI CapeVerdean Independence Day Festival 2017

President of RI Cape Verdean Heritage Subcommittee, Rosy Tavares, speaks about the importance of carrying on the Cape Verdean tradition and culture. Since 1976, the Rhode Island Cape Verdean Independence Day Festival is the oldest celebration of the Cape Verdean community in the United States. It preserves the Cape Verdean culture and celebrates the Cape Verdean heritage. The festival goes from noon to dusk and features traditional music, dance and food, along with a cultural, health/wellness and educational tents. We will also have this year arts and crafts from local artists including various activities for children. Last year’s event...

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Fiery Blaze Scorches New Apartments

Fire rips through a 6 story building located at 1271-77 Dorchester avenue at the old site of where the Ashmont Tire building once stood.  The blaze was reported around 2:30 PM.  One person was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.  A laborer said that the building already had appliances in the units and was ready to open its doors for tenants.  Some units were already under agreement. The multi-million dollar project, partially funded by the city, state, and federal subsidies, had 83 apartments and condos with prices affordable to lower and middle class residents.  Condos were listed for...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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