Author: Carla Veiga

Happiness is not an Experience

One of life’s greatest misconceptions is that we are alone, unaccompanied by the energy in the cosmos, but not one single soul lives in solitude. Like the planets, stars, and moons, the soul of life, too, has forces acting on it to pull and push on the individual souls fusing them into one unit. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the polar opposites of who we are that unifies us and helps us appreciate our happiness. This unity harmonizes our distinctions and clarity rather than conflict is certain to resurrect from the distinctions. It’s wonderful to meet like souls that...

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Representation Raises Awareness & Defeats Ignorance

Tonight, many of us will sit at the edge of our seats waiting to hear the echoes of the name that will govern our states for the next four years.  Whomever is elected for president will become a representative of our nation, a representative in voice, in silence, in dress, in thought, in reason, in clamor, in laughter, etc.  Will we stand in a chant of pride or be divided as a nation with unearthed skeletons calling to our demise because bigotry has been raised on a pedestal?  Will individuality lose significance as we compromise our identity to a...

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My nose bled and my ears plugged up as I spent hours of the day in flight, soaring above the clouds, as land slipped away I missed home. Limited to single words, inflections in their voices, and body language… I understood that the children in front of me were asking my name. “Carrrla,” I pronounced, to a crowd of about ten kids that circled me on the school playground. As I enunciated each syllable, hoping they would play with me… eyebrows rose and frowned with perplexed eyes staring back at me. Few laughed, others shrugged their shoulders, a couple...

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The Essence of Time

“Once upon a time,” memories fill my mind with past events woven with their own distinct emotions. Seconds wrapped in waves of the Atlantic crash upon my chest and my eyes well as I remember home, arid air sifting through my hair, warm rays penetrating through my already bronzed dermis as glands release glistening emeralds, pastry scents tickle my nose while the breath of my father fills my lungs and the endless chatter from my mother couple with echoes of laughter from my siblings to lasso my heart to decades ago. Segments of my childhood appear as slides on...

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Experience is the Root of Introspection

I’ve been teaching adolescents for over a decade and throughout the years they’ve inquired about their strengths in various ways; they probe for answers with subtle gestures and attentiveness and direct questioning like “what do you think I’m good at… what should I be in the future?” As a teacher, I serve as a model of strength and my students look to me for guidance and reassurance, some believe I have this definitive map to their future when all I have are my own personal experiences and knowledge to condition and craft their vision.  This leads me to wonder about...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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