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No Further Words Needed – Dr. Vero and Dealing with the Grief of Pregnancy Loss Through Writing

Dear Dr. Vero, There has been a lot of talk about Chrissy Teigen sharing her pregnancy loss on social media.  It seems that pregnancy loss is a topic that makes people very uncomfortable.  I imagine that as a high-risk obstetrician you take care of many patients who have lost their babies.  How do you deal with such a loss? A concerned reader   Dear Concerned Reader, There are few cries that pierce one’s soul like that of a parent who has lost a child, born or unborn.  I wrote a Twitter post about the pain and grief that Chrissy...

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I’m going to be a grandma for the first time, but my daughter may lose the baby.

Dear Dr. Vero,  My daughter is pregnant for the first time and her doctor told her that the womb can open and cause her to have the baby so early that he may not survive.  This is our first grandchild and we are all very excited.  But now I am afraid of what is going to happen.  A concerned grandma.   Dear Concerned Grandma, The doctor was likely referring to a condition called cervical insufficiency.  Cervical insufficiency is a condition that causes the cervix to open early during pregnancy, typically without the woman feeling any contraction or pain.   The...

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Breastfeeding is hard. But, it comes with so many great benefits to mom, baby and society.

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits to your baby. Breastfeeding can protect your baby from many viral and bacterial infections, such as ear, respiratory and urinary tract infections, and diseases such as leukemia, diabetes and childhood obesity. It can also protect your baby from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and may help your child become smarter; children that are breastfed do better on intelligence tests.

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Meet Crisolita Figueiredo – A “Cabo Verdean to Know” Running for Pawtucket City Council Ward 1 Office

Crisolita Figueiredo is a “Cabo Verdean to Know.” Crisolita Figueiredo is running for Pawtucket City Council Ward 1 office. She is originally from Sal, Cabo Verde and immigrated to the United States in 1995. Married and a mom to 3 girls, she has been living in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for the past 23 years. Mrs. Figueiredo completed her Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Rhode Island and is employed as an eligibility specialist for the State of Rhode Island at the Department of Human Services. I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions to allow...

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I am pregnant. I see posts about Black women dying from childbirth and I am scared.

Dear Dr. Vero,  I am 5 months pregnant and I am scared because I keep seeing stories on Facebook of Black women dying during or soon after childbirth.  What is going on? Scared Mom   Dear Scared Mom, These stories of mothers dying during and after childbirth are scary to read, especially when you are expecting a baby.  Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful time, but it can also be stressful.  Reading these stories of moms dying from pregnancy-related problems will likely increase your stress level and prevent you from enjoying your pregnancy.  But, these stories can also...

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