I like the fact that I could be miles away from New England CV and still be able to keep up with current news and events in the CV community

Kathy C.

Virginia, USA

I believe that the CVN initiative is a great one. The Cape Verdean community can certainly benefit from quality broadcasting in the areas of news, politics, sports, music, entertainment, educational programs along with up to date events impacting the Cape Verdean diaspora and world-wide communities.

Don X.

Ontario, Canada

I am a firm believer that the more information that is put out to the world, the more we are able to help our beloved country Cape Verde Island and all of our people.

Iris M.

New York, USA

Boa noticia, é muito important e necesario para todos. Boa sorte e que Deus

Maria B.

Boston, MA, USA

It would be awesome to have a network just like this. We have been looking forward to this.. i am sure it will go a long way to promote great minds especially youth of our beautiful nation Cabo Verdi.

Seun C.

Praia, Santiago, Cabo Verde

Looking forward to your network and applaud your effort in bring Cabo Verde to Cape Verdean around the world. This network will help to spread the knowledge and understanding of Cape Verde and our Culture to a wider audience.

Ronald B.

New Bedford, MA, USA

Would love to have a Cape Verdean channel that my family and I can enjoy, and learn more of our culture.

Marc S.

Onset, MA, USA

A Cape Verdean TV channel would be an awesome idea, especially if we incorporate a education portion. This will be benificial for for children and adults that are Cape Verdean but were born in the United States. Thank you!

Jesuino V.

Boston, MA, USA

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