Author: Adam Cheung

It’s time to change this BPS. An interview with Domingos Darosa on Tommy Chang’s time changes.

If you are to look at the changes in time as an issue by itself, it is easy to get sucked into an argument about “optimization” and “algorithms.” It is easy to begin to look at it as an attempt, an effort worthy of a pat on the back, if not failing in some ways, to try and change the systemic issues of Boston’s inequalities. An attempt from an outsider, with a background as an educator. Most people you talk to are saying it is a mixed bag of reactions. Even teachers who see the benefit to their own...

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Isabel Gomes for Marty Walsh and Why

Isabel Gomes is a Cape Verdean business owner in Dorchester. English is not her first language but since I do not speak Kriolu or Portuguese that is the language the interview was conducted in. She has owned a hair salon for years, is part of a thriving Church in the Community, and last year she opened a restaurant. She is well known in the Dorchester Cape Verdean Community. It was interesting to talk to her for me (as a non Cape Verdean) because I noticed that the perspective that she brought to this upcoming election was very different then...

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Veronica Maria Pimentel

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the first Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician in the United States who was born on the Cape Verde Islands, Veronica Maria Pimentel. So what was Dr. Pimentel’s journey like? “I was born in Ribeira Brava, S. Nicolau and grew up on the footsteps of the hospital. As a little girl, I used to travel with the medical team to the outskirts of the island as they provided care to the population. I was fascinated by the knowledge, leadership and empathy of the physicians and wanted to be like them. My father passed away...

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A Box To Check

Recently the Asian American community has become divided especially among new arrivals from China and Chinese who have been here for a few generations over one political issue in particular… data disaggregation. dis… desegregation… what? American state legislator serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives Basically those fancy words,  “data disaggregation” refer to the boxes you check off when you state what ethnicity you are. Massachusetts State Representative Tackey Chan is pushing for a bill that will have individual boxes for many of the groups under that “Asian American and/or Pacific Islander” umbrella. The split is that many newly...

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Interview with Cape Verdean Entrepreneur Lucas Debarros

Recently, Lucas DeBarros, was featured in the Canton Citizen in an article by Mary Ann Price. An aid to Massachusetts State Representative Evandro Carvalho, this young man has brought community activism into the private sector through his new company, Elevated Providers. Cabo Verde Network had the opportunity to interview this upcoming star before he became world famous. First we wanted to know about his background: CVN:  Is there a strong Cape Verdean Community in Canton? Can you describe your upbringing a little. Lucas DeBarros: As of now there is not a strong Cape Verdean Community, but you can see a...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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