Donations will contribute to basketball equipment and supplies to be donated to clubs and those in need in Cabo Verde, and also will assist with coordinating youth engagement clinics through basketball.

ACVB is a community basketball league, currently based in Boston, that is in its infancy. The league actually began in 2016 holding its first tournaments and pre-season exhibition games that summer. The original idea was to unite Cape Verdean fathers/parents who currently reside here in the US and currently play basketball or were basketball players in Cabo Verde, United States (US), Angola or Portugal. The mission is also to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

Along with the support of The Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at Bridgewater State University and a number of other sponsoring organizations, ACVB held their first Kid’s Day/Dia das Crianças on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at Bridgewater State University. During this event, the players and their families coordinated youth basketball clinics and life skill development activities for youth. The goal is to create a community and family engagement atmosphere through the league, the families,  and the children.

Building off the success of our Kids Day event, we want to carry the momentum onto our next project which involves a service project in Cabo Verde.  ACVB is looking to send volunteers to coordinate youth development activities through sport and the opportunity to donate athletic supplies on the Cape Verdean islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão.  In order to bring our volunteer team, youth engagement model, and energy to the youth of Cabo Verde, we need your support to make this a reality.