On March 8, 2019, Avery Cardoza, of ACVB (Associação Cabo Verdiana de Basquetebol), signed with Academia Lobos de Chalchuapa in El Salvador. Avery departed the US and is currently residing in El Salvador practicing with his new team.  Academia Lobos Club was created in order to collaborate and provide support to The Academy of Basketball of Chalchuapa in El Salvador.  Avery has been one of the faces of ACVB and star in the league for the last two seasons.  His absence will certainly change the dynamics of the league as the season is winding down.  He will be surely missed.  This is bad news for his teammates, and good news for those who will no longer need to compete with him the rest of this season.


“Playing for ACVB was an amazing opportunity and experience. This allowed a lot of people to notice me more and to see my passion for the game of basketball. Playing for ACVB brought a lot of good attention to my basketball career. I have a variety of  fans from different places and I love from my homeland of Cabo Verde to all around the world parts of Africa and etc,” expressed Avery Cardoza.

When Avery left for El Salvador, his team, Volcanic, was still undefeated at 6-0.  Avery Cardoza still currently leads the league in 3-point shots and is second in points per game today.  CLICK HERE TO SEE ACVB LEAGUE LEADER STATS.  He is currently the career leader in points all time and is second all time in career 3-pointers.  Avery was still voted into the All Star game by the fans this passed Sunday, as well as voted in by the coaches and captains, even though it was known he would not be able to participate.

“My mission was to get my name out there more around the world and to let everyone know who is Avery King, what he can bring to the table everytime he jumps on the basketball court, and to give my all with the passion I have for the game. Playing for ACVB meant exposure for myself hoping to land a contract just off the games that was being recorded. I’m so bless to even start my professional career on a USA passport. I’m working on my CV passport to open up more doors for me in the overseas basketball circuit. But just me in El Salvador learning Spanish, eating new things, and learning a whole new culture itself, is amazing. I’m just thankful, and you bless the man upstairs everyday for allowing an opportunity like this to happen. I’m very humble to be where I am today, and blessed to say that I have become something I said I would. And that being a professional ball player, me coming a long way with ups and down during my collegiate career, I would have never thought that I’d be in this predicament that I am currently in to play the game of basketball. What I expect from this is for more doors to open up for me. More fans to follow me. And to love me as much as they love the game.”

The Lobos season is expected to tip off in several more weeks.  Academia Lobos de Chalchuapa Facebook