Recently, Lucas DeBarros, was featured in the Canton Citizen in an article by Mary Ann Price. An aid to Massachusetts State Representative Evandro Carvalho, this young man has brought community activism into the private sector through his new company, Elevated Providers.

Cabo Verde Network had the opportunity to interview this upcoming star before he became world famous.

First we wanted to know about his background:

CVN:  Is there a strong Cape Verdean Community in Canton? Can you describe your upbringing a little.

Lucas DeBarros: As of now there is not a strong Cape Verdean Community, but you can see a larger presence in the towns around us such as Randolph, Brockton, and Stoughton. Despite this absence, I have kept a strong bond with our culture and the greater CV community. While growing up, I made it a point to be involved with groups like DSNI (Dudley Street Neighborhood inititiative) and CVC UNIDO who constantly fought for Cape Verdeans and community advancement. My parents made it a point to not forget my roots, and I have nurtured that belief since then.

CVN: How did you come up with the idea to start Elevated Providers?

Lucas DeBarros: I have always admired entrepreneurs and their concepts. These people often have skills and tools that larger organizations do not; yet, they get passed over because consumers simply do not know that about them. I came up with EP as a way to uplift them and educate consumers about the opportunities with them.

I also think business can be a tool for good, especially with this group of people who are often involved in movements to create real change in our world. Elevated Providers can give these entrepreneurs the means to show the world that they care for more than just profits. People are becoming more deliberate in how they spend their money, and this website will build on that trend connecting consumers with these socially conscious providers.

CVN: What is it like working for Evandro Carvalho?

Lucas DeBarros: It has been an amazing opportunity. I love my culture and the Dorchester/Roxbury community. Our community is unlike any other, and I want to show the world just how great this neighborhood is. Working for The Representative allows me to do that, while helping people along the way, and remaining connected to my roots.

CVN: What do you hope to achieve with Elevated Providers?

Lucas DeBarros: (I want to) Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while simultaneously generating support and attention for the causes they admire.

As you can see the next generation of Cape Verdeans is taking what they have learned about their roots and local communities in Boston and want to extend and elevate their reach through the networking platforms of the future. I guess that name is a pretty good one.

Be sure that it will be a name we will all be hearing about soon.