Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

Last week, with just days to go before the US presidential, FBI director James Comey sent a letter to congress informing them that the FBI was re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as Secretary of State – a position where security protocols for electronic communications are in place to protect US intelligence agents working in hostile environments. The announcement came after Clinton had been previously cleared of wrong-doing in an earlier investigation concluded in July. It appears though that something changed Director Comey’s mind.

In July Comey had said, “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

He had also stated that, “No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her.’’

Since July, members of the Democratic Party have lavished praise on the director for conducting the investigation in what they described as an “impartial way.” This has also changed with many Democrats now lashing out at him for trying to influence the US presidential election. Clinton herself called the announcement to re-open her investigation, “deeply troubling”

It was a 180 degree turn for Comey and came as Clinton was starting to enjoy a more decisive lead against Republican nominee, Donald Trump in most polls. Comey had appeared destined for the position in Clinton’s cabinet but that is looking less likely. Many point to the current environment at the FBI as the source of his change.

Since July, sources at the FBI have said that the atmosphere following the announcement to clear Clinton could be characterized as bordering on mutinous.  That many veteran agents and even some of Comey’s closest deputies felt that Comey had betrayed them by letting Clinton off with what amounted to a slap on the wrist for potentially putting intelligence agents at undue risk.

During the investigation, agents had discovered that Clinton and members of her staff – upon being requested to turn over the private email servers and any devices containing pertinent emails – proceeded to delete 33,000 of them. Which in most cases would equal to obstruction of justice and an indictment for the subject of the investigations. Revelations this week have shown that the Clinton email investigation isn’t like other cases. That it may even go deeper than the just the possible mishandling state secrets.

To some in American politics “revolt” is a dirty word, to others it is the defining action behind America’s birth. Thomas Jefferson said, “A little rebellion is a good thing every now and again for the tree of liberty” What is happening now within US security agencies may not be an open revolt but it can’t be denied that members of the FBI and intelligence community – have more than a passing interest in the secure handling of classified information.  For them it can often mean the difference between life and death. More than that, the intelligence community is better positioned than you or I to affect policy changes should they, or we for that matter, feel current policy puts their lives at risk.

Comey’s turnaround comes amid what can only be called “chatter” that a policy counter-coup by veteran FBI agents and members of the intelligence community is currently underway. It has been reported that resignations had been piling up on Comey’s desk in response to his clearing of Clinton in July. It is also believed that the source of the DNC hack  that exposed the extreme bias against Bernie Sanders in the DNC primaries- was in fact done by members of the NSA and not Russia as the Clinton camp has often claimed. It is clear that something forced Comey’s hand last week and it wasn’t Russian hackers or Wikileaks.  it turns out the unlikely catalyst for it all is what a joint FBI-NYPD task force uncovered lat week while investigating disgraced former New York Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, .

Weiner had been a rising star in Congress until a sexting scandal forced him to resign in 2011. In 2013 he ran for Governor of New York but another sexting scandal thwarted that campaign. Then in September of 2016, a joint NYPD-FBI task force was set up to investigate new allegations that Weiner had again engaged in sexting, this time with a 15-year old girl.

Weiner is an important character in this because he is also the estranged husband of Huma Abedin – Clinton’s closest aide.  Abedin, who had worked closely with the former first lady for over 25 years had also been cleared in July by the FBI.  However, the NYPD-FBI task force investigating her husband uncovered a laptop computer shared by Abedin and Weiner. The laptop contained more than 500,000 emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin’s ties to Saudi Arabia.

The exact contents of the emails are still not known but only something truly massive could cause the FBI director to commit political suicide by re-opening the investigation of a Presidential candidate so close to Election Day. Either that or he fears the damage from the likelihood of an FBI  or NYPD whistle-blower. Sources within the agency report that tensions has been building in the FBI between senior management and the rank and file agents over Clinton’s email investigation.

Comey has also been under direct fire. Since July, there had been calls for his resignation and whatever the outcome of the current investigation, it is looking like Comey’s political career will be hard-pressed to survive this storm. If he does resign, he would follow former DNC Chairwomen Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna Brazille to become the third high-ranking political figure forced to resign from key positions amid allegations of Clinton wrong-doing. It looks like Comey doesn’t want to be that guy.

But the million dollar question is; Exactly how damaging are the emails found on Weiner’s computer?

An unnamed NYPD source said, “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach. There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

Alternative media outlets have uncovered sources who say that the emails not only expose a mishandling of classified information but also familial ties that Huma Abedin has with extremist Islamist elements in the Middle East. That they also provide evidence of an often blurred line of demarcation between what were activities of The Clinton Foundation and State Department while Clinton served as Secretary of State.

But by far the most damning allegation is that the emails expose connections that Hillary and President Bill Clinton, along with other members of congress, have to Weiner’s involvement with the so-called “Lolita Express” – a pedophile ring run by convicted sex-offender, Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, who served 13 months for soliciting sex from a minor in 2008, is reported to have run a service which ferried powerful people to and from his private island in the Caribbean on a private Boeing 727, where they would engage in sexual acts with minors.   Flight logs show Republican nominee Donald Trump as well as both Clintons flew on this plane.

The discovery arguably  spells an end to any political aspirations Huma Abedin may have also had. The long time Clinton aide could often be found at Clinton’s side but since last week’s announcement – has been absent from the campaign trail with just days left before the election.

For her role in the previous investigation into Clinton’s emails, Abedin had received immunity from the Justice department. The discovery of a laptop, which she had used while working for Clinton at the State Department; and that she had not made known to the previous investigation – will most likely void that immunity exposing her to prosecution.

This poses a problem for the Clinton campaign. Abedin may now be forced to divulge information she has of Clinton’s activities at the State Department and with The Clinton Foundation. Which poses an even bigger problem – Abedin probably knows a lot and the FBI now have leverage.

Through most of her career, Abedin has held key positions in Clinton’s inner circle. Their relationship goes back to when she was a 19 year-old White House intern working for Hillary Clinton in the 90’s. Clinton herself has often referred to Abedin as a surrogate daughter but it is clear now that Abedin’s current exposure to prosecution is too close for comfort for the Clinton campaign.

Abedin has not been seen publicly with Clinton since flying to Iowa on Clinton’s campaign plane earlier last week and her husband has checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic for sexual addiction. It appears the pair are trying to diminish their profile and potential influence to the election by trying to stay out of the public eye. This is lending credence to the rumour that the emails found on Weiner’s computer – pertaining to Clinton and The Clinton Foundation- were found in a folder marked “Life Insurance”.  Suggesting that their purpose was to act as a “dead man’s switch” should Abedin or her husband die under curious circumstances.

There is no evidence to suggest that a folder labelled “Life Insurance” was found on Weiner’s laptop or that such a folder contained the emails found in this latest probe but in the last six months at least four people who were anti-Clinton activists or connected to the DNC at the time of the damaging hack, have found themselves victims of random violence causing death and or suicide. Two of them within a two day period.

On August 1st 2016, Victor Thorn – who was a long time Clinton critic and even wrote a three volume trilogy on the Clinton’s rise to power – was killed on a mountain top near his home of a gun shot wound to the head. Authorities called it a suicide.

On August 2nd 2016 Shawn Lucas was found dead in his bathroom by his girlfriend. Lucas had brazenly walked into the DNC headquarters and served former Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz with a nationwide class action lawsuit for fraud for her involvement in the effort to prevent Bernie Sanders from securing the Democratic nomination. Police have not released a cause of death.

On the morning on July 10th, Seth Rich – who was on the DNC national committee and had developed an app that would help people find their voter precinct – was shot in the back at four in the morning near his Washington D.C. home. The police ruled it a robbery even though his family asserts that no personal items, including an expensive watch, were taken. Rich did have access to the national voter list and is speculated to have been in talks with Wikileaks shortly before his death, though his family have denied this connection. At the time Wikileaks offered a 20,000 dollar reward for information leading to a conviction in his murder case.

Joe Montano – a top aide to Tim Kaine was chairman of the DNC prior to Wasserman-Shultz. He is thought to have died of a heart attack on July 25th, the day of the Democratic Convention. His death came just a few days after the Wikileaks dump that exposed information that the DNC had in fact engaged in a concerted effort to keep Sanders from winning the nomination. Montano had no history of heart problems.

It is one thing to call someone a conspiracy theorist, it is quite another to behave like people haven’t been dying. Clinton supporters have called their deaths unfortunate coincidences and have addressed the current re-opening of the investigation as a last ditch attempt by Republicans to sway votes toward Trump – which it well could be. But had the news of Clinton’s emails found on Weiner’s computer come in the form of a whistle-blowing type leak – I would have been more inclined to believe that it was strictly politically motivated.

Coming in the form of an official letter to Congress by the Director of the FBI however, suggests that there is a serious fire behind this smoke and the time for considering political fallout has passed. Comey’s bombshell suggest that it is now time to cover one’s ass. Clinton is largely thought to be a sure winner of  Tuesday’s Presidential election but with the new revelations from Comey, many are now entertaining the scenario of a Hillary win but a Tim Kaine Presidency.

There is surely more fallout coming and it is clear that whether indictments fall on Clinton herself or The Clinton Foundation, her political future now rests on what Huma Abedin says to the FBI and the few dedicated agents who are not only willing to listen, but prepared to act.


[ Author’s note – Since the time of writing this article. FBI Director Comey has stated that after reviewing the 650,000 new emails in eight days – Clinton again is cleared of wrong doing. The State Department and Department of Justice expect to clear the emails for public release by 2022]