On Friday July 8th the President of Cabo Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, embarked on a four-day visit to the United States where he met with political and community leaders within the Cape Verdean communities. President Fonseca took his time to personally greet each individual who was present when he made his visit to Brockton
“Its with great pleasure to once again welcome you here to the city of Brockton, President Jorge Carlos Fonseca,” said Bill carpenter, the Mayor of Brockton.

July 8th, 2016 officially proclaimed as President Jorge Carlos Fonseca Day in the city of Brockton

The president then presided over a vigil ceremony and tribute to the soldiers and other victims of the Monte Txota massacre back in April. A white balloon was released into the sky for each of the fallen victims from the massacre. The mayor of Brockton reflected the strong relationship between Cabo Verde and Brockton with a special gesture.
“As mayor of the city of Brockton, I do hereby proclaim today, July 8th, 2016, as President Jorge Carlos Fonseca Day here in the city of Brockton, and I urge all residents of the city to recognize this occasion for all the wonderful contributions the Cape Verdean community has made to our city.”

The President then held a 30-minute press conference with Mayor Bill Carpenter. He spoke of uniting Cape Verdeans worldwide and not just in Cape Verde. And that’s the purpose of his mission. It feels like home in Brockton with how the Cape Verdean culture spreads through the Cape Verdean diaspora.

“I’m a great admirer of the President’s leadership and accomplishments in Cape Verde since he became president in 2011,” Carpenter said.

The President’s four-day stay also included stops in Rhode Island where he met with state officials as well as other Cape Verdean community leaders of the area. Then he ended the trip with visiting the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker.