Janice Leao, Number 14, contesting a shot (pictured above)

In the Cabo Verdean community, in the US and abroad, many athletes have risen to various levels of stature in their respective sports. Often times, female student-athletes do not receive the same level of coverage, but a two sport student-athlete at New Bedford High School is turning heads in only her sophomore year.

Janice Leao, 15, whose family is from Fogo and Sao Vicente, is only a sophomore but has begun to make an impact as a basketball player and a volley ball player for the Whalers. At 6’3”, Janice has great height and is beginning to add power and agility to her other physical gifts. After wrapping up an impressive volleyball season, Janice has begun to make an impact on the varsity basketball team as well. She recently put together a 13 point and 17 rebound performance against Fairhaven High School that caught attention of local newspapers. Because she is so young it is expected that many more great performances are to come.

Aside from athletics, Janice is also a great student in the classroom, a family person, and is also involved in her community. She has been role modeling what it means to be a true student athlete and is doing it well. It is important for us that as a media outlet, Cabo Verde Network not only cover challenges of this socio-political era and other trending stories, but that we also recognize the youth who are shining stars and the future of our community. Keep your eyes open for Janice Leao in the coming years!

L. Barbosa