On April 26, 2019, George Guyton left for Cabo Verde on a mission to conduct basketball clinics and bring much needed donations for youth in Cabo Verde. George is working with FCBB in Praia, (Federação Caboverdiana de Basquetebol), and ARBF in Fogo, (Associação Regional de Basquetebol do Fogo) to coordinate the clinics and events on both islands.  It is a collaborative effort which includes support from Clube Desportivo ABC and other volunteers.  George’s mission to Cabo Verde is to hopefully bring the same type of basketball presence that exists here in the United States over to Cabo Verde.  “I am trying to build a system where I am consistently running basketball clinics (in Cabo Verde) while here in the US,” said George.  The clinics take place in Fogo April 27 and 28 and in Praia May 4 and 5.


Donated items were brought and distributed among the youth.  Donations included basketball gear, clothes, water bottles, and more. “I am looking to Impact the youth while I am there. I want them to fall in love with the game of basketball like I did. I want to build something that will continue for a long time and hopefully grow.”


George Guyton is the Director of Training at the Dana Barros Basketball Club. He also coaches the 11th grade gold team and the 8th grade gold team. The Gold teams are considered the top teams in the program. George also does individual training with some professional and top college athletes and also young athletes as well. George said he tries to connect with the youth by being someone they can relate to. “First, I show them I can play the game at a high level, and once I gain their respect on the court, I gain their full attention.”

George Guyton is an active player in the CV Basketball Association, ACVB.  George plays for Bairro, a team out of Boston, and is a 2-time AllStar.  “I think the league is great and has the potential to grow even more. There is a lot of good talent spread out around the league, and a lot of great role models that the youth can look up to.”  George Guyton has also been instrumental in helping conduct youth clinics at ACVB community events.

“Bairro will win the league because that is my team, but, all around, the league is ran great, and they do great things in the community.”

ACVB playoffs is set to start by the time George returns from the trip on May 12th.  ACVBLeague.com