Amadeu is fighting for legal reform and to improve the accountability of the judges of Cape Verde who have much power and no one to answer to.  Amadeu Oliveira will be visiting the United States and has a 3 city tour to meet with the Cape Verdean citizens of the US and explain what his perspective.
Bryan Caplan interviews Amadeu Oliveira, a lawyer from Cape Verde, on his battle against the legal system to make much needed changes:

Amadeu will be presenting:

Sunday, April 14 @ 3 PM
City of Brockton War Memorial Building
156 West Elm Street
Brockton, MA

Friday, April 19 @ 8 PM
First Perish Hall
10 Perish Hall Street
Dorchester, MA

Sunday, April 21 @ 3 PM
Tropical Restaurant
855 Broad Street
Central Falls, RI