One of life’s greatest misconceptions is that we are alone, unaccompanied by the energy in the cosmos, but not one single soul lives in solitude. Like the planets, stars, and moons, the soul of life, too, has forces acting on it to pull and push on the individual souls fusing them into one unit. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the polar opposites of who we are that unifies us and helps us appreciate our happiness. This unity harmonizes our distinctions and clarity rather than conflict is certain to resurrect from the distinctions. It’s wonderful to meet like souls that we can automatically connect with because souls in accord with us allow us to establish a sense of identity quite easily. But, with time, it is crucial that we encounter souls that influence inquisition, causing us to question our dogmas, ideas, beliefs, sense of identity, purpose, etc. These encounters are special because as we’re forced to confront and grapple with our own differences, we begin to see our true nature with the virtue of happiness, a product of the evolution that begins from within.

Love is the soul of the universe; it is the act of love that keeps the universe as one unit as it continues to expand, immensely, like the soul of all that has been granted life. Mahatma Gandhi once said “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”; happiness is harmony. The heart is an organ that acts as a gauge to harmonize the external stimulants with our internal rhythms. Happiness acts as the heart of the universe and the womb of all creation; it ignites the ambers of love… fueling our aspirations in moments when we believe it has dwindled, giving us the strength to persevere. Happiness is not an experience nor is it a compilation of experiences, for if it was, it would dissipate with the passing experiences rather than outliving them. When we are happy we are hopeful and life continues to evolve.

Dissonance occurs when we neglect the core of our essence and begin to act from our superficial layers, these are layers that we construct, throughout our lives, since infancy, for comfort, protection, security, acceptance, etc. We allow the labels from our design to serve as layers to claim our worth, as plaques carry our dignity, pressed palms and echoes in a temple or church choir reassure us of our morals, and stacked president bills represent the value of our life’s contributions, we lose sense of our happiness. As time passes, the core of man becomes combative, reaching to break the man-made shells that have confined its evolution, initiating man to question personal contentment. This dissension forces us to seek inner truth, not by dodging oppositions, and climbing over the mountains of fear, but by moving through each and every obstacle, with well-refined tools, to chisel away the inorganic walls that have barricaded our soul.

Since the state of happiness is the heart of the universe then happiness is attainable. It simply requires a little courage that is rooted in self-love and self-trust. In order for us to begin molting the superficial layers, we must begin to sit alone with our own thoughts for at least 30-60 minutes a day. This is a time that may be used to effectively reflect, keeping our conscious and subconscious thoughts present and positive. The point of reflection is to reach clarity; the past and future are uncertainties and therefore are muddied, unlike the present. Next, we must breathe deeply and smile throughout this experience. This will allow us to effectively reflect by keeping the positive channels open to being earnest, forgiving, and resolute in our purpose.