The two most prominent teams Clube Desportivo ABC and Predio played in the finals, a highly anticipated game internationally. Before the start of regular season, ABC was said to be frail, old, and slow, while Predio was seen as a dysfunctional team. Both teams made definitive adjustments and added size to lead them to the finals. Despite losing their best defender, John Varela, to a season ending injury, ABC did not panic. Instead it gave them more incentive to work harder and demand more from their remaining players like Yannick Paiva, the playoffs and finals M.V.P.. Paiva finished this game with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. He showed up in critical moments when ABC needed a stop on defense. Paiva averaged 18-pts and 7-rebs shooting 55% from the 3-pt line. He elevated his game in the playoffs from 11-pts to 18-pts in the playoffs. Another key player in this game was Vinny Lima, who scored 11 points and 13 rebounds.

Yannick Paiva, guard ABC

Finals/Playoffs MVP

Predio relied on two players, Center, Tchow Amado and Point Guard, Max Barbosa, both averaging 16 PPG with Amado averaging 6 rebounds in the playoffs. However, both players never got it going in this finals. Predio started the game with a 17-4 deficit and it seemed like the game was heading for a blow-out. But Predio managed to erase an 18 point first half deficit to bring them within three points with three minutes left in the game. However, Predio couldn’t find their shot with plenty of great opportunities.  Then Vinny Lima asked for the ball and drained a big three from a few feet beyond the arc to extend the lead to two possessions.  Then a devastating turnover by Predio on an inbound play and a steal and basket by Yannick Paiva, the game MVP, put the game out of reach for Predio.

Predio felt they could have won the game if they played with the same intensity they had at the end. Predio’s captain, Anildo Moreira, said they are happy they made it to the final, but said they will re-evaluate the team to come back stronger next season.

Every team is looking to rebuild in the off season. Some players have already expressed interest in playing for different teams as well as new teams will be joining the league. Where will Predio land next season? Will ABC contend for the finals again? Stay tuned.

WATCH ENTIRE GAME:  June 18, 2017 • ABC vs Predio