Fire rips through a 6 story building located at 1271-77 Dorchester avenue at the old site of where the Ashmont Tire building once stood.  The blaze was reported around 2:30 PM.  One person was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.  A laborer said that the building already had appliances in the units and was ready to open its doors for tenants.  Some units were already under agreement.

The multi-million dollar project, partially funded by the city, state, and federal subsidies, had 83 apartments and condos with prices affordable to lower and middle class residents.  Condos were listed for $339,000 to $539,000.  Unfortunately, the building was set to have its fire inspection today, Thursday, and the sprinkler system had subsequently not been turned on yet, reportedly.  However, the building was fully up to code, an official said, and there was a scheduled move in date of July 15, in a couple weeks.

At around 10:00 pm fire fighters were still aggressively battling the fire.

Neighboring houses and property were completely covered in foam from the over spray from the fire fighters.  It was reported that the fire fighters were using 50% water and 50% foam in order to preserve more of the city’s water supply.  Some local residents observing the fire and the emergency crews were covered in foam as well, but they were way within the perimeters marked off by officials.

An unidentified person said, “They shouldn’t have been welding in there.”

At this point it is too early to determine the causing factor of the fire.  Fire officials aren’t expected to be able to enter the building until this afternoon to inspect it.

Residents were urged to go inside due to thick smoke billowing through the neighborhoods, and the Red Line was shut down at the Ashmont train station.

In the early hours this morning, 6:00 am, Dorchester Avenue remained closed for over a quarter mile as a result of the devastation.  However, the trains and trolleys are operating as usual and the buses are operational.  They are following a detoured route to access the station.  You can find up to the minute updates regarding the the bus services and more at MBTA Service Alerts.

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