As we know from past articles, the Cape Verdean Community Development in Pawtucket Rhode Island had some problems in the past. Khrystyne Bento and Abdul Adil led a protest regarding lack of programming and misappropriation of funds.

The CACD has worked to change all that through a transition team because in the end, the community recognizes that they need this organization and its resources.

The meeting was streamed live by Khrystyne Bento and transparency was a key point. Many of the details about the mistakes of the past were talked through and presented. But also solutions were put forth in front of everyone. To see an organization and a community really work to turn something around like this is quite moving.

I got a chance to interview Ailton Barbosa regarding the NEW CACD and this is what he had to say.

What do you want the purpose of the CACD to be going forward and what will the specific programs that will be offered?

United Community for CACD’s Transition Team believes that the purpose of CACD is to primarily serve the community of Cape Verdean Americans in Rhode Island. This service at times calls for interaction with the national Cape Verdean Government, the Federal Government here in USA and different organizations throughout the nation. The Transition Team will influence the future governing body of CACD to be an open and all inclusive institution. The Transition Team believes that our Cape Verdean American community members need important and crucial services to succeed. The community can benefit from …. Educations programs, Financial aid/College Access, Cultural awareness events, Non-violence/Youth engagement – Immigration services….. These are just a few services that we would like to focus on. At this time, the Transition Team has begun to resolve key issues that will enable it to begin such programs.

The image and perception of CACD needs to be improved. It can only be improved through positive change and commitment from the CACD serving the community. We believe that our actions and steps of the future administration will ultimately produce a greater trust from our community.

In what are ways does the new CACD want to change its fundraising, organization wise and politically?

Financially, the Transition Team has made transparency a pillar essential for CACD’s growth and development. We hope to provide a mix income sources in the effort to cover all the expenses of the organization and provide services for its members and the community in general. Along with membership fees, we will launch an aggressive campaign to apply for state and federal grants to pay for programming costs. The Transition Team will also host fundraising events to generate income to cover operating costs. In the past CACD has struggled to be financial secure and sustain a steady source of income. The Transition Team of CACD has identified financial stability as a major priority.

Who are some of the leaders that will play a big part in the new CACD?

The Transition Team is made up of volunteers that are prepping CACD for the incoming leadership. Each individual brings a unique and needed expertise. Currently, the Transition Team is composed by Joao Goncalves, a founding member of CACD. He has worked for over 20 year in the insurance business. He is helping the Transition Team with the Bylaws of CACD and making sure that the Transition Team’s steps fall within the bylaws of CACD. Lisette Ramos, the current president of CACD, is also on the team and she is heading the operations arm of the team. The financial team is led by Carlos Martins, who has over 10 years in the insurance business and is a financial broker. The financial team is also composed by Anthony Moreira and Ana Martins. They both work at Bank of America, in the Community Engagement and Philanthropy arm of the bank, respectively. Lastly, the team has the public relations and marketing committee which is chaired by Djini Tavares Valles, a long time active community member and Ailton Barbosa (me), a teacher and an active community member. These individuals all bring valuable skills and resources and are fully committed to helping rebuild CACD. This transition of power and duties will be made swiftly once a complete board is in place. Upon this point the Transition Team will take a more advisory role within CACD.

You can follow the Transition Team on facebook at: United Community for CACD