The game between Bairro and Predio was brutal and physical by both teams. Multiple players were issued flagrant fouls and technical fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct including Predio‘s coach, Carlinho Barbosa. Still, Predio was determined to fight Bairro at any cost being that they are the team to beat. The team could not find an answer to Bairro‘s star, Tony Barros who finished the game with 33 points, shooting 50% from the 3-pt line, despite Truta‘s 14 points and Vladimir Tavares 8 rebounds from Predio. Perhaps the biggest barrier in Predio‘s loss was the injury of Anildo Moreira, the team captain and facilitator who suffered a back injury during first few minutes of the game. Bairro defeated Predio 62-53.

Lenfer defeated Vulcanicos 62-46. Clayton Moreno was the main scorer finishing the game with 25 points & 8 rebounds. Despite the win, it can be noted that the team lacks chemistry and this is evident on the court based on their lack of communication. Lenfer has vast experience in the game, especially from Lerny Depina, who is arguably the best Cape Verdean born player who played for Brockton High School. Lerny is a product of Len-Ferreia. Meanwhile, Vulcanicos is still struggling in the absence of Roger Livramento, who is out indefinitely with a knee injury. The team added Jaime Tavares, who has proved to be the team backbone with his experience. Jaime finished the game with a double-double, 11pts & 11 rebounds. Paulo Pina also finished with 15 points.

The most thrilling game of the day was the matchup between Campana Lança and ABC Desportivo. ABC continues to prove their discipline and experience on the court, based on how they control the game flow, mirroring the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. Despite lacking size and a prolific shooter, the team battled until the end losing by 1 point with time being their only enemy.  They gained momentum with the last 2 minutes of the game after trailing by 10 points in the second half. The final score was Campana, 55, ABC, 54. Notable players from ABC were Elio Nunes, who was the player of the game, scoring 31 points, shooting 71% from the 3-pt line and Carlos Gomes, 14 points & 8 rebounds. Anthony Vicente from Campana Lança finished with 18 points.


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