Lucy Coutinho says she’s come a long way from her earlier days in Boston. With a radio show and a YouTube channel, we can now add author to the mix.

Lucy Coutinho/author

“I am an author now.”

Her book Peaces of Freedom is Lucy’s own personal journey through life.

Lucy Coutinho/author

Wanting and seeking out inspiration, wanting to live in a more peaceful world. And I also shared a lot of, you know, encounters that I have had, a lot of messages that I have received over the years in seeking that. When I would share it via my Facebook page, I got a lot of good feedback so I continued to do that. Then one day I said why don’t I turn this into a movement?”

That movement inspired Luce Inspiration. Introducing America to people of Cape Verdean descent on television, on radio and through the Internet.

Lucy Coutinho/author

“(From the book) they’re getting a lot; they’re getting my personal account of the whole year that I was trying to find my own inner peace. And I also sought out 12 women whom I knew personally and I interviewed them, so their stories and accounts are also in the book. And also in the book you’ll get lines, a journal for you. If you open up the book, each chapter after you’re done reading the chapter, you’re also able to write your own personal accounts or you can write notes or whatever your heart desires. It’s really a book for you.”

You can find Peaces of Freedom on Amazon.