What determines ‘Most Valuable’ in the A.C.V.B’s MVP race?

How do you crown a Most Valuable Player? This is an interesting topic of debate. While some people focus only on individual performance, others may argue about team accomplishment as the main component. In any case, an M.V.P. should be evaluated in both criteria. This individual should be evaluated for his impact on his team. He must demonstrate value and team success.

Is it Tino Brazao‘s ability to lead Lenfer to the playoffs with a winning record – his pursuit of double-doubles average? Is it Chris Owden‘s statistical milestones, his individual performance, despite Volcanic’s losing record and facing elimination in the first round of the playoffs? Or is it Anthony Vicente’s high 3-pt shooting percentage?

If Brazao is going to win A.C.V.B’s Most Valuable Player award, this year’s voting will draw attention for controversy fueled by favoritism.

In what many consider a two-man race between Brazao and Owden of Volcanic, the discussion on value has taken center stage. Perhaps it should be Vicente, who averaged 18.4 PPG giving his team an edge for first place seeding?

Let’s take a closer look at these individuals by the numbers.

                       VOL-G, Chris Owden        LEN-PF, Tino Brazao      CAM-G, Anthony Vicente
PPG:                              24.4                                         20.3                                       18.4                                    
Assist:                             5.1                                           1.6                                         0.9
Rebounds:                    9.3                                           7.4                                         2.5
3-PT %:                          37%                                          33%                                       60%
FG%:                              44%                                          47%                                       57%
Efficiency:                   266                                           236                                        155
Team record:              1-9                                            6-4                                        10-0

Owden clearly stands out in all statistical categories but his team finished last with only one win in the regular season. Volcanic was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by 32-points. Individually, Owden displays value without a doubt but one can argue his lack of leadership and ability to carry his team. Historically, there hasn’t been an M.V.P crowned for a player on a team that finished last.

On the other hand, Brazao led Lenfer in scoring (20.4 PPG) and rebounding (7.4 RPG) more importantly, Lenfer finished #3 in the regular season. Brazao is #3 in scoring, and #4 in rebounds. He is the only player with 6 double-doubles while playing both sides of the court every game, and often guarding the best player against the opponent team.

Vicente should be added to this conversation based on his long-range shooting and consistent high scoring games. He is the only player to score 40+ during the regular season. However, low statistical numbers in season rebounding as well as in assists has him with the lowest efficiency rating among the other M.V.P candidates, which is a stat held in consideration in this debate.

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