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ACVB Playoffs Round 2: Showing Up!

What’s worse, not physically showing up for a decisive game or not delivering when you are counted on the most? This is exactly what Lenfer and Campana Lança asked themselves after being eliminated from playoffs this past weekend. ABC played Campana and Predio played Lenfer. Both teams played without key players, Campana without Ivan Britto, 16.9 PPG, and Lenfer missing Clayton Timas, 17.8 PPG, as well as Lerne Depina, 13.8 PPG. Anthony Vicente of Campana was the X-Factor in the game against ABC, but ABC limited him to 2-pts, 9% in FG and no 3-points made (0-8). Vicente struggled...

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What Determines ‘Most Valuable’ In A.C.V.B.’s MVP Race?

What determines ‘Most Valuable’ in the A.C.V.B’s MVP race? How do you crown a Most Valuable Player? This is an interesting topic of debate. While some people focus only on individual performance, others may argue about team accomplishment as the main component. In any case, an M.V.P. should be evaluated in both criteria. This individual should be evaluated for his impact on his team. He must demonstrate value and team success. Is it Tino Brazao‘s ability to lead Lenfer to the playoffs with a winning record – his pursuit of double-doubles average? Is it Chris Owden‘s statistical milestones, his...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Playoffs – Round 1

The start of the Playoffs was highly anticipated. The match ups were interesting, perhaps more interesting was that it was the same match up from week one of the season. #2 ABC played #5 Predio, a must-see game every time they play each other. Going into this game, ABC had more to lose than Predio. The last time Predio beat ABC last was in 2015, however, ABC was favored to win the game. Predio made key additions after the All-Stars break and came prepared to play this game. They made key adjustments on defense in the second half to...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Week 9 Recap

The last regular season games were as expected, with every team fighting for seeding in the playoffs. Majority of the teams were shorthanded. ABC defeated Lenfer this game, 70-66, a must win game for ABC to finish second place. ABC again, came with better game planning thanks to Elio Nunes scoring season high 32-points. Tino Brazao of Lenfer also scored his season high 33-points, and 17-rebounds. Carlos Gomes of ABC also had a good game, with 17-points, 12-rebounds. ABC will play #5 seed, Predio, and Lenfer will play #4 seed, Bairro, in the first round of playoffs on June...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Week 8 Recap

There is a sense of urgency among some teams going into the post season playoffs. Teams like Predio, Bairro, and Volcanic are still battling for better seeding, and none want to finish last. The last place team will play Campana Lança in the first round. Campana remains undefeated at 8-0. The final regular season game will be crucial for these three teams. Bairro and Predio are tied at 2-6 and Volcanic is 1-7. Bairro and Volcanic will play on Sunday and Predio will play Campana. ABC is one game ahead of Lenfer and they will play their last game...

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ACVB is a community men's basketball league, currently based in Boston & Brockton, that is in its infancy. The league/organization's mission is to integrate youth development activities through basketball clinics and other outreach programs provided by the league to the community.

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