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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Week 9 Recap

The last regular season games were as expected, with every team fighting for seeding in the playoffs. Majority of the teams were shorthanded. ABC defeated Lenfer this game, 70-66, a must win game for ABC to finish second place. ABC again, came with better game planning thanks to Elio Nunes scoring season high 32-points. Tino Brazao of Lenfer also scored his season high 33-points, and 17-rebounds. Carlos Gomes of ABC also had a good game, with 17-points, 12-rebounds. ABC will play #5 seed, Predio, and Lenfer will play #4 seed, Bairro, in the first round of playoffs on June...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Week 8 Recap

There is a sense of urgency among some teams going into the post season playoffs. Teams like Predio, Bairro, and Volcanic are still battling for better seeding, and none want to finish last. The last place team will play Campana Lança in the first round. Campana remains undefeated at 8-0. The final regular season game will be crucial for these three teams. Bairro and Predio are tied at 2-6 and Volcanic is 1-7. Bairro and Volcanic will play on Sunday and Predio will play Campana. ABC is one game ahead of Lenfer and they will play their last game...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Game 7 Recap

There are three games left before the regular season is over. For some teams, these games will determine their seeding going into the playoffs. ABC and Lenfer have the same record at 5-2. The league will use a unique format that is more commonly used in the European-African leagues. It is a format designed to allow every team to play the same amount of playoff games and the winner is determined by point deferential. This format still allows the #1 teams to match up the team with the worst record. Playoff games begin on June 4, 2017. Campana Lança...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Game 6 Recap

ABC played Bairro without their best player, Tony Barros. ABC handed Bairro their worst loss of the season, 59-38. Vinny Lima of ABC had an enormous performance with 22 points, 21 rebounds, and 3 steals. Clube Desportivo ABC continues playing team basketball with Lima giving them a boost after losing John Varela for the rest of the season with an injury. ABC is still hoping that Joao Silva will make his presence felt in the game. Silva continues to struggle shooting and lacking rebound, but Silva is playing well without the ball by setting screens and setting up his...

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Associaçáo Cabo Verdiana de Basquetbol: Game 5 Recap

Because it was Easter Sunday, every team was shorthanded for this week’s match-ups. Perhaps the team most impacted was ABC as their players were not in sync the entire game. ABC could not find their shot from beyond the 3-pt line. The team lacked in defense allowing Vulcanicos to score 62 points, likely as a direct result of missing their most important defensive weapon, John Varela, who underwent his surgery this week. The team also lacked rebounding and defending the paint. ABC’s biggest man in the game, Joao Paulo at 6’4, only grabbed 3 rebounds. Vulcanicos’ Chris Owden was...

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