Local Business owner, Emilia Depina of Boston, Massachusetts, is out to send a positive message for the community. With a network of other business owners and supporters, she held a Fashion Show at Santana’s Restaurant in Brockton.

“Today we did a networking and fun event with food, dancing, many different business owners came by,” said Emilia Depina.

The Back to School Family Fun Fashion Show featured several designers including clothing from her shop, “I Own It Boutique”, located in Dorchester. Emilia said it’s a celebration of going back to school and having the right attitude, personality, and creativity.

“That’s what ‘I Own It’ is all about. Attitude. Winning,” she said.

Massachusetts state representative Evandro Carvalho, who’s running for re-election, opened up the event.

“I’ve been to her shop a couple times.  It takes a lot of courage to open up a business, to have a successful business over time.  So for her to keep going forward is important for the district and it’s important for our community.  So that’s why I’m here,” said Carvalho.

“And these are the type of events we are going to do more often to show, not just Cape Verdean culture, but the culture period of what we all about.  We do win every day, but we don’t show the positive.  We see a lot of negative. So we are going to this (positive outreach) every time,” said Emilia.

Whether its school, business, or politics, everyone has a part in community empowerment. The motivation and support comes from within.

“Folks got to make sure they go out and vote. Whether they vote for me if they are in my district, 5th, Suffolk. Or if they are in Brockton, or anywhere in Massachusetts,” said Evandro Carvalho.

“Pulling one another up, supporting one another to become better.  It doesn’t matter where you come from whether your Cape Verdean or Hispanic or black.  It doesn’t matter who we are, but we pull each other up so we can be successful together,” said Emilia Depina.